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iPhone : According to Linford Christie police shouldn’t stop vehicles they believe to be suspicious.

This isn’t racism Linford, it’s a called a mistake.

Perhaps the Met Police can take you out on a nights patrol to give you a bit of reality about what they have to deal with.…

iPhone : I mean, who brings their own photographer to our dinner?! Jess, Celia & I just wanted an, ‘under the radar’ dinner! 🤢
cc Piers Morgan

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iPhone : Armed thugs demanding money for “reparations” is armed robbery, is it not? Unlawful restraint at gunpoint is also a felony. Where are you on this, #JoeBiden? In the basement, of course... #DefundThePolice #VoteDemocratForMoreOfThis

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iPhone : Don’t let this mentality take over your hometown.

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