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Twitter Web App : Be careful!!!

When you unleash the hounds they may just turn on you B&J

I just want ice cream I do not want a company to proselytise a dangerous ideology just to advertise their product - so dangerous and unprincipled

So you don't want White people buying your ice cream? twitter.com/benandjerrys/s…

Twitter Web App : David Lammy Here is the Martyr Floyds rap sheet.
And here are two very good men dead. That is the real tragedy.

Twitter Web App : I think I'm getting curvature of the spine...
I haven't seen a doctor yet, it's just a hunch 😂😂😂

Twitter Web App : You total hypocrite Barry Gardiner, you attack Cummings 4 times and then ignore social distancing to join a protest that then became a violent mob. Perhaps you should resign. twitter.com/barrygardiner/…

Twitter Web App : CNN still reporting All 4 White Officers have been charge. Yes that is why President Trump calls them fake news.

4 white? An eyesight test @ Specsavers is required!

Twitter Web App : Daft Arse. Boris bought water cannons when he was mayor. Theresa May ordered him to get rid of them. Sad. They could have been put to good use today!

Twitter Web App : Two black people killed by black people protesting about black people being killed! twitter.com/peterjhasson/s…

Twitter Web App : What a nauseating shit he is.Faux tears and picking any old reason to get his bloody face on our screens.He’s like herpes-just when you think you’ve got rid of him up he pops again.J Corden start looking at British murders and shed your tears for them Emily and Lee for starters. twitter.com/Arwenstar/stat…

Twitter Web App : Black lives matter, out of curiosity, do these black people count? Lost her business, income. Why are their voices being silenced by MSM. twitter.com/w_terrence/sta…

Twitter Web App : DID you know by April 24 Piers Morgan Good Morning Britain viewer numbers had collapsed down to 704,300. That is a 42.8% drop in people tuning in to hear piers hysterically ranting. He’s lost Trump & Alan Sugar as Twitter followers & almost lost 1/2 of his Tv audience. TODAY HE HAS LOST MANY👇

Twitter Web App : Check out the social distancing performed amongst the BAME community and you’ve come a long way to realising why there is a problem and what can be done to improve it you silly woman 🙄 try to keep up despite your education and the party you choose to support 👍Jess Phillips MP twitter.com/jessphillips/s…