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Twitter Web App : @Scoot4002 Vaw51 This is my back up account. I'd love some more follows! pic.twitter.com/EhMZKJGIrA

Twitter Web App : Former Ukrainian prosecutor general Yuri Lutsenko has now told four different U.S. news outlets that Joe Biden and Hunter Biden did not break any Ukrainian laws to his knowledge:





Twitter Web App : Trump needs to be impeached immediately. Retweet if you agree.

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Twitter Web App : So one of the biggest threats to our country is butt hurt because we call him out?

Too bad, so sad. #MoscowMitch twitter.com/WordswithSteph…

Twitter Web App : The #GreenNewDeal isn't just about reducing our emissions. It's also about making sure American workers have good green jobs. My Green Manufacturing Plan will create 1.2 million of those jobs—getting us one big step closer to that goal. ewar.ren/Green-Manufact…

Twitter Web App : Smartest candidate vs. Dumbest candidate.
Trump is rattled at the thought of facing Liz in a general election!

Trumpworld Anxiety Grows Over a Rising Elizabeth Warren thedailybeast.com/donald-trump-a… via The Daily Beast

Twitter Web App : Donald J. Trump How does it feel to not have ONE day a good one since you've been president?

China isn't paying for shit, we are.

Go play with your Sharpie and leave us alone.