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Bio Special Ed Virtual k12 Teacher, Special Ed PhD candidate, focus on k-12 virtual education for students w/disabilities. Wine all the time. Mom of 1 awesome kid.
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Android : Tear gas fired at young people protesting for a better world to clear the way for a monster to wave a bible in front of a church, with his little band of morally bankrupt enablers at his side. What a shameful moment for this country.

Android : Incase anyone needs something to make them smile. My puppy has decided that flower water is the best tasting water. #dogsoftwitter #Flowers #garden

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Android : When White people ask what they should say to black people show them this video. The answer is simple. Keep your eye on this White girl in the front who uses her privilege to prevent violence. Be that girl. Raise that girl.

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Android : If you are feeling helpless. You can donate to POC that are running for office. If we want real change we have to put ppl in office that represent those that are in the minority. Support those that need to have a voice in the world is helping to make a change. Jaime Harrison

Android : A huge crowd downtown in Reno helping clean up. This is the community I love!

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