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Twitter Web App : We want you see some of your Home Olympic Trials. What are you doing to stay in shape right now at home?

iPhone : If you put an entire cake in front of a pug, what do you expect to happen?! #ATrueGolic

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iPhone : “We’ve been in a very jointly-focused, collaborative process and I’m delighted that the players and players association have been so engaged.”

-NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman on no issues stemming from the economic implications from a return to hockey.

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iPhone : Hey max homa we slowed down Trey’s swing for you...

Good luck finding any flaws here...

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iPhone : “Now they get to point to the NHL and say, ‘Look what they did in a very similar situation giving 75% of their league a chance.’”

-Mike Golic Jr on Damian Lillard saying he won’t play unless his team has a “true” chance at the playoffs.

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iPhone : Hank and Harry are here and they know where the camera is...🤩🐶

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iPhone : “It’s all about presentation and the NHL has done the best job of presenting all the information to us.”

-Mike Golic Jr after the NHL announced a plan for a 24-team return in 2 hub cities.

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Twitter Web App : Golic and Wingo Lesson Plan: Creative Writing

Give us the CliffsNotes version of a show you've binged during quarantine... pic.twitter.com/wiW1rUXEl0

iPhone : Did you miss us?! 👀📺

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iPhone : “There are a lot of different elements to this that make a deal needing to be done by early June at the absolute latest a necessity if you want to stick to this timeline that you’ve put out there.”

-Jeff Passan on the clock ticking down for a return to baseball.

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iPhone : “He looked SO SHOOK!”

-trey wingo and Mike Golic Jr took a little too much pleasure in watching Tom Brady struggle on the golf course over the weekend...

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iPhone : “I think this didn’t work for one reason and one reason alone...and that’s because the group of refs didn’t want it to.”

-Mike Golic Jr on why the pass interference replay rules didn’t work last season.

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iPhone : “He’s going to start making decisions now that are either going to upset people, alienate some groups and make some think ‘Hey, that’s not fair to us.’”

-Adrian Wojnarowski on the tough decisions that Adam Silver will have to soon make regarding a return strategy for the NBA.

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iPhone : “The idea of not having baseball in 2020...is unthinkable.”

Buster Olney joined us this morning and broke down how close we are to a return to baseball.

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Twitter Web App : The Match Part 2 featuring Peyton Manning and Tom Brady was a smash hit yesterday.

You are picking the partners for The Match Part 3. Tiger Woods and ____ and Phil Mickelson and____ pic.twitter.com/DyMPo1TVXm

Twitter Web App : With no sports... We’re giving you the next best thing, every Friday.

Fictional face offs with our “Tale of the Tape.”

This week: Signature Video Games

First Round: Boy Wonders

iPhone : Parents everywhere trying work with their kids at home...

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