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Bio | Romans 8:28 | I’m Tired Podcast Host | Instagram: @thegracevalentine | author of “Am I Enough?” in stores & available online now
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iPhone : “Mary was even more confused than you are today… but her faith was greater than her confusion. May you have faith that focus’s on God and not the hurt. May you have understanding that God will never leave you.”

iPhone : Hey, all college students confused about this upcoming semester and how different it will be... read this. It's short.…

iPhone : To the girl who thinks she's too much: you're not too much. You can't be too much of yourself. Live your life, embrace who God created, and find confidence in who you are. Never allow the opinions of others to control you.

iPhone : You are capable and the tears you experience today will be your testimony tomorrow. God is the author of your life and He knows what He's doing. Right now you may be hurt, but let that pain show you that you are meant for MORE:

iPhone : About five years ago I sat on my bed crying about someone who didn't deserve my tears. This wasn't the last time I would cry about someone. But that was the day I realized my pain will always propel me into success. That's only possible if the pain breaks the ceiling I created

iPhone : I'll explain more... people will come in your life and make you feel like crap. Let that pain teach you that you are capable of BIGGER things than the small town with the guy/girl who left you hanging...the job that didn't appreciate you... or the friend who betrayed you.

iPhone : HI my name is Grace valentine and I turn 24 tomorrow! With that being said I want to tell everyone the most important thing I've learned. It's this:

Never give anyone or anything the power to break your heart. When hurt allow that pain to break your ceiling, not your heart.

iPhone : I love to write encouragement and I am an author! Connect with me on Instagram @thegracevalentine to hear about my book (my next book).:)))

iPhone : Being "right" was never a fruit of the spirit. Jesus called you to be kind, to give grace, to be gentle, to live truth, and to love...not to convince others you are "right".

iPhone : friendly reminder that your funny friend may not be your happy friend, check up on them too and find out how they really are doing