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Twitter for iPad : 🏳️‍🌈 “Sex and gender don’t always go together and are not experienced by all people in the same way”.

🌱”Rejoice in Nature’s infinite variety!”

💚 Thank you Margaret E. Atwood for speaking out in support of trans rights!…

Twitter for iPad : "There is just no questioning and no willingness from the Swedish government to really change tack, until it's too late. Which is astonishing, given that it's been clear for quite some time that the economic gains that they claim...are just nonexistent."…

Twitter for iPad : Powerful ad

Time for UK Tories to step up and have the courage to do the same as their party sells our country off to the highest bidder and trashes our democracy…

Twitter for iPad : Matthew Butcher Totally agree. A real Green New Deal investment at the right scale would create real jobs with decent wages, rather than subsidies to employers

I’m surprised the TUC hasn’t been more critical of this aspect of the scheme tbh

Twitter for iPad : 🚨 Democracy alert 🚨

This must be read together with the appointment of David Frost, rather than a security expert, as National Security Advisor

And Cummings’s close relationships with Big Data corporations like Palantir and Cambridge Analytica……

Twitter for iPad : 🤦🏻‍♀️ What a shame Tugendhat and others did not apply the same logic to Brexit:…

Twitter for iPad : 😡 Prime Minister blames the care workers; children’s minister blames the parents

😵 In the case of Vicky Ford she’s already been outplayed by Marcus Rashford when it comes to stopping children going hungry

👉🏻 Time for failed ministers in failed government looked in the mirror…

Twitter for iPad : 🇸🇪 Sweden discovers there is no trade off between public health and economy

‘simplistic to portray quarantines as cause of economic damage: real culprit is virus itself. . . risks of pandemic have prompted people to avoid shopping malls and restaurants’…

Twitter for iPad : Patients face harm from unsafe medicines and medical devices because the “disjointed, siloed, unresponsive and defensive” healthcare system “cannot be relied on” to identify safety risks, landmark inquiry warns:…

Twitter for iPad : 👉🏾 On the day we hear about Rishi Sunak’s plans for rebuilding the economy

🏡 Learn about how they are building back better in Finland and Spain

💚 And what a #GreenNewDeal would look like in the UK


Book here:…

Twitter for iPad : More here about what a #GreenNewDeal would look like in the South West:…

Twitter for iPad : 🙋‍♀️ In the middle of a #ClimateEmergency and facing a youth unemployment crisis the country is crying out for a #GreenNewDeal

🤦🏻‍♀️ Instead the chancellor makes it cheaper for us to go shopping and buy houses and creates cheap work placements for employers

Twitter for iPad : Russell Warfield Oh God, I remember those days. They will pass. My screamer is now a radiologist, serving us all in the NHS so it is worth it! And meantime, remember to look after you 💚

Twitter for iPad : When 3 parties stand for a constituency under First Past the Post, a seat can be won with just over 33% of the votes.

When 4 parties stand, its 25%.

5 parties, 20%...

This is how we end up with Parliaments that dont reflect how the people voted. #ChangeTheVotingSystem