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Bio Philosopher at @uniofeastanglia. Frequent spokesperson for @ExtinctionR. FOCUSSED NOW ON CORONAVIRUS AND THE URGENT CASE FOR PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES AGAINST IT!
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TweetDeck : An interesting piece found from an #ExtinctionRebellion blog by Rupert J. Read.
Which one is truly more important, decarbonization or deep adaptation which Jem Bendells paper describes?

TweetDeck : A small number of wealthy people are fueling #ClimateCrisis “We need to learn from history (e.g. the war effort in the Second World War succeeded partly because Britain became a more equal society during it, due to rationing etc.). ” — Rupert J Read

iPhone : Turns out I've broken one of the BBC's rules on impartiality which is as follows:

Rule 42.1(b) Staff must not report factual information which casts the Conservative Party in a bad light or conflicts with our organisation's mission to preserve the status quo.

I am so sorry x

TweetDeck : There’s still time to read my book, A Film-Philosophy of Ecology and Enlightenment, free-of-charge for 7 days (with the option to buy it after). Offer available until June 11th. #nonfiction



iPhone : For the final (for now) #clapforNHS , I went on a mad bike ride through the streets of Norwich to take in the atmos... WATCH!

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TweetDeck : “We must preserve the positive lessons from this crisis once it is over, so as to remake the world safer, better, saner. “

24 THESES ON CORONA by Rupert J Read

TweetDeck : Only yesterday I was remarking on the increase in ambulance sirens you can hear from my home in North London.

Turns out there has been a rise in hospital admissions. Let’s hope this is just a blip

TweetDeck : Update: following todays data from hospitals, a cautious estimate of the number of UK excess deaths linked to coronavirus up to 28 May is


Of these 59,537 have happened and the rest are estimates over the past 2 weeks

64,000 would be a rate of 960 per million


TweetDeck : Founder of #ClapForCarers suggests tonights should be the last for a while

So lets make todays clap one for *all* whove shown generosity & compassion

Turns out humans are much kinder than weve been told we are - we deserve so much better than this


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TweetDeck : The UK has the highest death rate from #coronavirus based on excess mortality figures

Nearly 60,000 more deaths than usual since March

This is where this Govt’s “exceptionalism” has led us

Ministers should be hanging their heads in shame…

TweetDeck : “…it will soon be too late to stop our civilisation from collapsing.” My talk, Eco-spirituality at the Moment of our Last Chance, is available via the link below. #schumachercollege #ClimateCrisis…

Twitter for iPad : We must all recognise the danger we are in. Covid 19 will be as nothing once the climate emergency really unravels our societies. ACT NOW…

iPhone : Joint Biosecurity Centre: The Green Party sounds alarm over civil liberties and lack of scientific expertise on body deciding on local lockdowns

🚨 Boss is tipped to become chief of MI6
🚨 No detail about membership
🚨 Testing data to be held for 20 years…