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Twitter Web App : The World Health Organization (WHO) puts the true cost of fossil fuel subsidies (including harm to health & environment) at Five. Trillion. Dollars.

More than every government's health budget combined!

Stop paying for fossil fuels – with our taxes, and our lungs.


Twitter Web App : Gag lawsuits a.k.a. #SLAPP silence activists, journalists & others for speaking out in the public interest.

We need an anti-SLAPP directive to protect everyone & stop #SLAPP suits

Věra Jourová, will you turn promises into action? #democracy #fundamentalRights #activism…

Twitter Web App : ECR Group Anna Zalewska We want a #JustTransition for everyone. That's why we have to listen to science now and invest smartly before it becomes even more expensive. E.g. by funding decentralised renewables to end #energypoverty, not using taxpayer money to line the pockets of fossil fuel profiteers.

Twitter Web App : Funding polluting industries in a #climate crisis, rather than supporting people during #COVID19 makes no sense.

We must #BuildBackBetter.

Here's how to start a #JustTransition to sustainable #transport, via Greenpeace EU:…

Twitter Web App : ECR Group Anna Zalewska Sounds quite general. Waiting longer is more expensive and ignores the science. That's not good for the economy, the people or the planet.

Science makes the difference between vague political decisions and sound plans to tackle the #ClimateEmergency

#EUClimateLaw #EUGreenDeal

Twitter Web App : There’s been some good, some bad and even some ugly in the ENVI Committee Press #EUClimateLaw debate.

Thanks for following!

For more info check out the 12 key elements for the climate law we did together with WWF EU, or get in touch…

Twitter Web App : Let’s be ambitious on climate and use the do no harm principle to reshape our economy says Mohammed Chahim from S&D Group.

Will you support an end to fossil fuel subsidies to help stop the #EU from doing harm?

#EUClimateLaw #EUGreenDeal

Android : [BREAKING] EU Commission claims its #coronavirus recovery plan protects us + invests in #NextGenerationEU

But it leaves our children & grandchildren to face the consequences of climate & environmental breakdown

#BuildBackBetter #EUbudget

Our comment 👇…

Twitter Web App : César Luena / ❤️🇪🇺 asks for forests to be included so we can adapt to “a warmer climate in the future because it’s inevitable”

Are you giving up on reducing #GlobalHeating? Already adaptation isn’t an option for many across the world.

#EUClimateLaw #EUGreenDeal

Twitter Web App : For ECR Group, Anna Zalewska says we have to remember our citizens and economy, and that we need to be credible

With thousands of scientists around the world saying how urgent action is & economists saying its more expensive not to act, waiting is a luxury we can't afford

Twitter Web App : For Renew Europe, Nils Torvalds said a broad majority is important & supports a 55% target, while recognising that it's not in line with the Paris 1.5C agreement.

Why should politics and "pragmatism" take precedence over science = precedence over people's lives?


Twitter Web App : For the EPP Group, Mairead McGuinness: "I agree that everyone needs to get on board..."

Glad to hear it! Will you ask them to follow the science and ensure sufficient funding for a #JustTransition too?

#EUClimateLaw #EUGreenDeal

Twitter Web App : BONUS! How to make it even better
✅ Stop fossil fuel companies from sabotaging climate action by banning advertising & imposing tobacco-like restrictions on lobbying
✅ Enshrine the right to a healthy planet in law, enabling people to hold govts accountable


Twitter Web App : Not so good
❌ Tried and failed: industry regulating itself
❌ Commission allowed to choose scientist to evaluate its work
❌ Public money can still fund fossil fuel development

#EUClimateLaw #EUGreenDeal ENVI Committee Press

Twitter Web App : The good, not so good & how to fix it in Jytte Guteland's #EUClimateLaw report. A thread 👇

✅ 65% by 2030
✅ Climate neutrality targets per sector
✅ EU Panel on Climate Change to advise on targets
✅ Approach based on carbon "left in the budget”