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Twitter Web App : Trump's purge of inspectors general continues. It's an assault on good governance. | By Alex Ward…

Twitter Web App : Outside Westminster Mags Crt police refused to say whether its official MSP policy that protest isnt a legitimate reason to be outside the house. But then proceeded to demand people return home < 30 seconds after they started chanting Free, free #JulianAssange #Covid19UK

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Twitter Web App : In short: Judge Vanessa Baraitser decided (w/ agreement of the parties) that Part 2 of #Assange's extradition hearing will likely begin on 7 September and will be held in a Crown Court which can accommodate 3 weeks of availability. Baraitser noted it may be outside of London.

Twitter Web App : Julian #Assange could not attend this hearing because he was “unwell”.
The “unwell”-ness is a direct & predictable result of a decade of intentional #PsychologicalTorture by 4 ROGUE states - 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 🇸🇪 🇪🇨
Their behaviour is illegal, heinous & must be stopped.


Twitter Web App : Venezuela Foils Infiltration Attempt from Colombia, Kills 8 Militants, Arrests Two Others, Including An Agent of US Drug Enforcement Administration

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Twitter Web App : The U.S.-backed plans to destabilize #Venezuela continue.

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Twitter Web App : Covid-19 ruled the headlines for months, but Buildup-20 will run far longer. Evolving from Hong Kong-19, this campaign will turn a web of US lies into a serious (possibly bellicose) situation against China. This is the war that DC has yearned for so long……

Twitter Web App : Remember now, a day after #WorldPressFreedomDay , Julian #Assange is the only journalist in Western Europe sitting in prison, and he is sitting in a UK prison. That has to end. - Kristinn Hrafnsson Editor in Chief of @WikiLeaks

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Twitter Web App : Defenders of the Iranian Nation & its’ people who will NEVER yield to America- 💪🏻🇮🇷 ❤️✌🏻

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Twitter Web App : Protestors who were standing many metres apart were threatened with arrest under UKs #COVID19 law outside of Westminster Magistrates
Court if they didnt return home. This was during #JulianAssanges hearing when most journos and protestors were in Court.

Twitter Web App : Sarah Abdallah Well, you realize this is provocation in the hopes that someone will drop one in #Israel so they can call Daddy and invite them to another war

Twitter Web App : Imagine the international outcry if Putin, Assad or Maduro dropped bombs on 3 neighboring sovereign countries in the same day.

Yet Israel bombards #Lebanon, #Syria and #Iraq simultaneously, and no one from the so-called “free and civilized” Western world even bats an eyelash.