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Twitter Web App : Thats a nice look,
But Ill return the book
Enjoy it whilst you can,
For I have a better plan!

Twitter Web App : As we come closer to the final chapter,
One may wonder what comes after,
With the book found, for our last trick,
Go back to when he was just thick!

Twitter Web App : Well, that escalated quickly,
But theres something I feel you should know
You wouldnt believe til you saw it,
But theres even more room to grow!

Twitter Web App : Did you read the book cover to cover,
or swallow it up and now its your blubber?
How can we get ourselves out of this mess?
I have an idea and youll be my guest!

Twitter Web App : I’m fat, so that’s what you can call me!
That or his fatness, or fatty, or El Fatterino

Twitter Web App : Of a melancholy silence
I apologize for my absence

But Im back to draw some bellies
like the ones you see on the telly!

@ Deon

Twitter Web App : Burps are often stifled,
But belches should be loud!
When burping one may look sheepish,
Whilst a hearty belch is proud

If the belly could speak
A belch would be how
As we come closer to the peak
Of how big he can get now

Twitter Web App : A sergal who is as fat as he is bold
Hes fierce-looking, with a heart of gold

Just look how much that gut can hold
Making him larger never gets old

Leave some ideas of what to behold
On the next chapter and how it unfolds!

Twitter Web App : It’s time to read a story,
About a sergal in all his glory

Who found this book you see
And then any size he could be

Big and small, fat and buff
It doesnt say when is enough

But I wonder what to do next
So let me know, in a small text

Twitter Web App : I met a dragon face to face,
in their secret hiding place.
He told me: With a book, youll find
spells and potions of every kind!

Twitter Web App : Are you gonna get up today?
The way you eat, theres no way;
You can lift your arms but hey!
Theres always another day


Twitter Web App : Happy with your weight
After everything you ate
Theres still one more plate
If you shared that would be great

Twitter Web App : I invite you to join me,
To an all you can eat,
We can later have tea,
You are in for a treat

Twitter Web App : Id say hes real sweet
once he has eaten
he then lies on the couch
satisfied and smitten

Twitter Web App : Swim with the fishes,
From any size you see,
He might look vicious,
But I disagree

Twitter Web App : Do you need a hug?
You seem a bit upset
Please dont you cry
Im here, dont forget

Twitter Web App : We just love having you stay with us,
Every single point is always a plus,
More food and clothing that finally fit,
It makes you look fat, not much, but a bit

Twitter Web App : Pool, gym, restaurant, and bar,
Youll be treated like a movie star,
Come to the concierge for a treat,
What comes next is nothing but sweet