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iPhone : Paul Embery What does amuse me is the same people whining about those surgical masks are exactly the same people who were complaining about those Orwellian facial recognition cameras.

iPhone : Paul Embery UnHerd Yes, (like everyone else) I was also a massive idiot on occasions when I was in my teens & 20s. I’ll happily admit that & apologise for any offence caused even though I’m not a tax payer funded public figure. I’ll forgive him when he does the same.

Twitter Web App : ItWasTheBestOfTimes 🇪🇭 Owen Jones 🌹 It is thoroughly idiotic to describe Starmer as an 'MI5 plant'. He was just the Blairite/establishment candidate. People are quite capable of having his loathsome neoliberal outlook without any help from the security services. Some reading:…

Twitter Web App : #FromTheArchive August 2008. Indigenous artists from Latin America perform for protestors at the Climate Camp in Kent.

Twitter Web App : New Model Army Last NMA show wasBrighton Concorde in December. Great gig in one of my favourite venues. Sadly it was also election night and that post gig euphoria evaporated quicker than usual 😢
Last actual gig was Bad Cop Bad Cop in march:…

Twitter Web App : Spotted today near Liverpool st. Sometimes the simplest of ideas makes the most effective street art. #RoyalNonce

iPhone : Labour is going to spend four years chasing the approval of newspapers that wouldn't stop backing the Tories if they crop dusted the whole country in hot shit