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iPhone : @phdindeed Oh me too. Neighbours a few doors down have had friends round a few times - houses & gardens too small for social distancing. Local Aldi the other day - seemed like I was the only one trying to be careful. Be none these local people were in a position of authority like DC

iPhone : @phdindeed There is clearly confusion about what is ‘guidance’ and ‘what is the law’ - because #lockdown laws were created & police given powers to fine etc - this has muddied the waters as do what those 2 things are. You hedged with ‘I am not sure it was...’

iPhone : Anybody in the Newark area or nearby, please share. We found our dream new-build home today, but have to sell before we can reserve it!

iPhone : @phdindeed I didn’t think it was lawful - under emergency lockdown legislation- to travel that distance to see family. If it was, I’d have been up to see my mum in N. Wales if so. It’s a very convenient te-defining of the lockdown rules/law.

iPhone : Seen some sympathy for C*mm*ngs over on Facebook-land. Seems like some people believe him....🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️