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Twitter Web App : >Andrew Cuomo and others argue that NY's taxes are high enough, and that if they are raised, billionaires will leave.

Yet despite its high taxes, NY has 6% of the US population, and 18% of its billionaires.…

Twitter Web App : .Christopher Robbins and Sandra Schittkowski reached out to NY's 113 billionaires to see if they'd pay more taxes, only 4 responded: New York Is In A Financial Tailspin, Millions Are Suffering. Why Shouldn’t Billionaires Pay More Taxes?… via @gothamist

iPhone : Another patient Line waiter, Lucille, (the dog) will be voting for president Trump of course,” her owner says sarcastically to “make America bark again.”

iPhone : “It’s disenfranchising elderly people, disabled people,” says State assemblymember Rebecca Seawright who wants board to open another early polling place for UES. She says pres of nearby college says they can open a site there.

iPhone : It’s true Cuomo has refused to fund the $50 million state BOE estimated it needed for this historic election. Reporting via David Cruz…

iPhone : And some notes of encouragement taped to a parked car near the entrance, “COVID - state government broke - limited resources for BOE.”

iPhone : There’s an improvised ballot box outside the school, a poll worker says they devised this yesterday realizing having yet another line of people entering the building was too much.

iPhone : “It’s good that people are enthusiastic enough to come but I wish the lines weren’t that long,” says Nina Kogekar, a 29-year-old doctor who has to work election night, so she decided she had to wait. poll workers say it’s taking about two hours to circle the building.

iPhone : yup another great, big, very long line outside NYCBoardOfElections polling place at Robert F Wagner middle school on Upper East Side.

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Twitter Web App : NYC March For Philly Police Shooting Victim Leads To Property Damage, Dozens Of Arrests… via @gothamist

Twitter Web App : "The number of voters assigned to each site varies by tens of thousands, peaking at nearly 120,000 voters at the most assigned site down to fewer than 10,000 voters assigned to the least."

Twitter Web App : .Brigid Bergin as always breaking down the story behind the story: About That Long Early Voting Line: Find Out How Many People Were Assigned To Your Poll Site… via @gothamist

iPhone : NYPD SRG using a baton to smash the windows of a car in Brooklyn, NY tonight.

Car was surrounded by SRG while trying to safely leave.

Fortunately there was no one in the passenger side otherwise that baton would’ve caused serious injury. Driver got away unharmed.

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iPhone : Several hours later line is shorter than it was at midday but still curls around polling site for six blocks (instead of like 10)