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Twitter Web App : This piece on 00s reality TV and Blair's Britain by Jase is one of the best things I've read this year. Seriously, put down your new book about British racism and read it…

iPhone : Hearing that the social justice left have forcibly cancelled the “blue eyes white dragon” Yu Gi Oh card, for not being woke enough. This will ruin the lives of many gamers…

Twitter Web App : Someone from school whatsapp'd me today saying "I know you like Anime, have you seen Netflix's Evangelion"

Twitter Web App : going with this…

Twitter Web App : this Trash Taste Podcast vlog showed up in my youtube recommendations today and all i can say is,,,,,thank you…

Twitter Web App : If Jeremy Corbyn was prime minister, we'd all be doing Slavic Squats!

Twitter Web App : finally, the adults are in the room…

iPhone : "Gentrifiers don’t always share a tax bracket with the rich, but they do tend to share a pathological overestimation of the importance of their own needs."

Twitter Web App : thinking about setting up a twitch talk show? Something along the lines of "cool guys hanging out", featuring interviews with bros and featuring lots of Monster Energy product placements, despite no formal sponsorship deal

Twitter Web App : J(ust) K(eep) (on) Rowling, Baby

Twitter Web App : tj maxx stands for trader joes maxx.. But yotre not allowed to say that anymore!!! Oh!!!