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iPhone : So what did we just learn from the Susan Rice emails?

After Comey cost Hillary the presidency by announcing an investigation right before the election, Barack Obama and Joe Biden warned Comey to “do everything by the book,” while investigating Flynn.

Twitter Web App : Do you want to know how stupid our President is?

He's taking a potentially deadly drug, that doesn't work because he thinks he was exposed to Covid-19, yet he refuses to wear a mask, which cuts the infection rate by 80%.


Twitter Web App : BREAKING:

Federal Judge Fred Biery has just ordered Texas officials to immediately begin making absentee ballots available to ALL eligible voters asking for one!

In other words the GOP just LOST Bigly!

Twitter Web App : BREAKING: A US Federal Judge has just allowed a lawsuit accusing President Trump and his 3 children of preying on investors, to proceed.

The Judge has DENIED the request of #PresidentPlump for a stay.

iPhone : BREAKING: MoveOn just released a devastating ad that hits #PresidentPlump hard. Trump does NOT want this video to go viral. You know what to do. #GirtherMovement

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Twitter Web App : Imagine being Martha McSally. She's in office even though she lost her Senate election, and now she's trailing her opponent by 13 points in a Republican state.

#PresidentPlump calls a lot of people "losers."

Martha McSally is literally a loser, again and again.

Twitter Web App : Holy cow! According to the latest polls, Joe Biden is smashing #PresidentPlump in swing states:

- Florida - Biden +5
- Georgia - Biden +1
- Arizona - Biden +7 (Republican Senator Martha McSally is down by 13 points)

Wonder why Trump's been so cranky lately?

This is why!

iPhone : BREAKING: #PresidentPlump just said that Republicans have done a great job on healthcare and pre-existing conditions.

REMINDER: Trump is in court right now trying to do away with protections for pre-existing conditions while trying to gut healthcare for millions of Americans.

iPhone : If Obama went behind Congress' back to reach a #SaudiArmsDeal with a country that killed an American journalist, and then fired the IG in charge of investigating the matter, Republicans would have impeached him on the spot. Instead, #PresidentPlump gets away with everything.

Twitter Web App : BREAKING: Joe Biden continues to dominate in the polls. He now leads Trump by 5 points in the swing state of Florida, and 7 points in the swing state of Arizona. Trump won both states in 2016.

Looks like #PresidentPlumb is plummeting as his conspiracy theories continue to fail.

Twitter Web App : Hey genius, I know it's hard to believe that women can tweet too, as well as conduct investigative journalism with their husband, but in fact they can!

Now bug off!…

Twitter Web App : What do you guys think Trump is more upset about right now?

That 90,000+ Americans are now dead, or that #TrumpMorbidlyObese is a top trend on Twitter.


iPhone : The data scientist who designed Floridas COVID-19 dashboard — a mobile friendly, intuitive display of the outbreak — has been removed from her position because she refused to censor data and manipulate numbers to generate support for reopening, she says…

iPhone : BREAKING: Nacy Pelosi just called Donald Trump “morbidly obese.”

Thank you Ms. Pelosi! #morbidlyobese

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