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Twitter Web App : K Snek We should ensure that people only have to deal with others who belong to the exact same identity category as them, so as to avoid the suspicion of bigotry altogether

iPhone : Best thing about this article is that it gives zero actual examples of how Neera Tanden not getting the job was racist, acknowledges that there’s legit things not to like about her, and basically boils down to “anti-Asian stereotypes exist so they obviously must’ve applied here”.…

iPhone : Mindy Kailings Conveniently Vocal Toddler To me the primary oppression is class; focus on whiteness is a distraction from that. Being born poor is far more disadvantageous than being born black. (yes black ppl are disproportionately poor). Lecturing white office workers on their whiteness in 2021 changes very little imo.

iPhone : Twitter is like living under a dictatorship, you’re just chillin with the homies doing normal shit until some of them arouse the suspicion of the authorities, and randomly disappear and are never heard from again

iPhone : Razib 🥥 Khan I think one thing it does really well is give a crash course in the development of agriculture, in a really accessible way. Reading it as a young man I found it really encouraged me to think in a more analytical way, even if the book’s own analysis is occasionally questionable.

iPhone : First Bernie did a misogyny by reminding some women of their abusive ex. Then he did a racism and a misogyny by wearing mittens and a parka on a cold day. Somebody stop him before he strikes again…

iPhone : Mindy Kailings Conveniently Vocal Toddler Particularly as I’m aware that PoC are just as capable of racist attitudes as any white person, it’s just that they’re not the majority. So treating whites like they have some unique predisposition to racism strikes me as fuelling antagonism on both sides for no actual benefit.