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iPhone : Kevin Lehane Rgirvan I’m sorry. It’s endlessly frustrating for me to witness, especially when I see many people defending remakes. Maybe they’re okay in principle, but not when it’s comparatively so hard to get an original story made.

Twitter Web App : Kevin Lehane Rgirvan Exactly, I was just thinking about this the other day. Who are the current filmmakers inspiring, if they have to rely on recycling nostalgia because that's one of the few ways to get an actual big budget film made? Nolan is one of the few still able to buck that system.

Twitter Web App : Luke Kevin Lehane I was fine in that groove of "okay, this is like watching Gilmore Girls on fast forward". I'd rather it have stayed that consistently gobby, rather than rely on the longer monologues.

Twitter Web App : Kevin Lehane I wish it was longer, just to get some more time with the characters and the town. It may have helped make the ending land better for me.

Twitter Web App : Shatners Hair I love this description, especially paired with SPR. I'd love for him to pull more out of the bag at this high of a level again.

Twitter Web App : Kevin Lehane Rgirvan I really miss these kind of family-appropriate movies as popular and successful mainstream additions to cinema. There's so little like them anymore.

Twitter Web App : Kevin Lehane Yes! Thank you. They're far more appropriate comparisons. I'm gutted I didn't enjoy it as much as everyone else is seeming to. All the pieces are there for me to love it, but it didn't come together in a way that worked for me.

Twitter Web App : RachelKoz That's a great description, particularly that the adults are ineffective or oblivious. I think that's one of the key things for a true 'Amblin' experience for me.