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iPhone : Hanna Liubakova Judge Dzmitry Karsiuk is one of few Belarus’ judges who is especially heinous. He completely disregards court rules allowing “witnesses” in balaclavas or outright hidden. In fact, in 19 out of 21 cases against peaceful protesters Karsiuk was presiding “witnesses” were hidden.

Twitter Web App : I see a lot of room for analysis; investigations; next steps for the pro-democracy movement. So far, it was hard to focus on #China due to the lack of contacts and expertise.

Twitter Web App : Earlier today,Xi Jinping held a phone call with #Lukashenko. Weve been terribly missing out on Chinas role in #Belarus. Both agreed to strengthen the Belt&Road cooperation, Chinese projects in Belarus,technology (#Chinas surveillance system might be an example for Lukashenko)

Twitter Web App : #Belarus Day 171. Amazingly brave Belarusian women in white and red have taken to the streets again. Many of them wear carnival masks because they dont want to be recognised by security forces and detained afterwards. I admire their courage and dedication to the cause

Twitter Web App : Here's the source: svaboda.org/a/31068148.html People who were held in this camp also speak in the article. I hope the West won't forget about its values and its history, and will support Belarusians in defending those

Twitter Web App : #Belarus Camps for protesters have been a real plan. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty was able to get these pictures from a newly built camp near #Slutsk in August. I remember people saying they were detained and held in the middle of nowhere,behind high fence with towers and guards.The camp was destroyed

Twitter Web App : #Belarus A major reshuffle of the nomenclature - governors, the secretary of Security Council, director of a major state-owned enterprise #Hrodna Azot, state-owned TV channel and more. #Lukashenko is not certain about the loyalty of his officials. He knows its not that stable

Twitter Web App : #Belarus 66 yo pensioner Zoya Korotkina, who is in remission after cancer battle, was sentenced to 14 days of arrest. She suffers from glaucoma, but shell be held in a #COVID19 prison.She was accused of protesting - but she was going to a shop.The judges name is Dzmitry Karsiuk

Twitter Web App : #Belarus Volha Babrova,a mother of five,was accused of hanging this huge white-red-white flag at Dana Mall in #Minsk. She was found by police and held in jail since 22 January. The court decided to fine her $340. Four of her kids are minors. The authorities can take them away

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Twitter Web App : #Belarus I am so happy and relieved! Ihar Losik stopped his hunger strike after 42 days.This is our solidarity - and the fact that other people began their hunger strike in solidarity with him - that helped him to make such a decision.The fight is not over - he has to be released

Twitter Web App : #Belarus Day 170. The elderly are chanting,Freedom to Ihar #Losik! They might not even know who he is and never read his Telegram channel, but they demand to release Ihar and other political prisoners. It is cold, there are repressions and the pandemic, but they keep protesting

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Twitter Web App : #Belarus “Mr Ihar, please eat. We need you strong and healthy.” These childrens drawings refer to Ihar #Losiks hunger strike, asking him to stop it. Its been 42 days since he began his hunger strike in jail. Kids have drawn a moose because it’s a reference to Losik’s last name