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iPhone : Mark Arandale Barry Toohey yep, and Obi’s shown he can get better performance out of young guys who weren’t wanted elsewhere than their old clubs were getting out of them. I think To’a, Sasagi, Hoy and/or Crossland will be demanding spots in the backline soon, trust the club to just plug gaps til then.

Twitter Web App : Pangai Junior Junior #FireFatTony honestly i gotta give him props for his restraint. if i'm an elite winger who suddenly can't score a try for love nor money because i'm playing outside guys who won't pass me the fucking ball, i can't promise i'd veil my frustration to this extent

Twitter Web App : The Magic Man David Nathan i don't disagree with that. Keary's a better player than Moses, Pearce or Cleary, though the latter is starting to actually show on the field why so many are so high on him. I still hope he doesn't get picked

Twitter Web App : The Magic Man Nathan i think if he does get picked despite having to reconcile himself to the idea of putting on a jersey he grew up hating, that's the best illustration of why NSW have historically punched a bit below their weight compared with Qld that I can think of

Twitter Web App : The Rugby League Whisperer Bub weird to say this about what everyone's seem to agreed are positions which "don't matter", but you guys really need to pick better centres. Morgan in the halves, at 14, or not in the team at all, for mine

Twitter Web App : The Magic Man Nathan wrote a letter to Greenberg asking for his eligibility to be changed. imagine Queensland picking a guy who did but re: NSW

Twitter Web App : The Rugby League Whisperer yeah B Smith insists he's been told he's the successor at 9, so, that might blow up in their face lol. and let's all hope it does. it seems right that he should play for the Warriors