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Android : Crypto Chap Stephen Knight Ok, so you're taking the position that it actually is ok for some crimes in some societies but not for different in crimes in other societies. The biggest crime in Islam is apostasy, which we may consider absurd but in Sharia it's a crime against God, so is taken pretty seriously

Android : Tristan James Virgil Darren Grimes And risk losing my job because someone took offence by an opinion I expressed or joke I told 5 years ago? No thanks. And that's exactly my point, free speech isn't free when it's policed by society itself & ppl can't say that the emperor isn't wearing any clothes.

Android : Stephen Knight Agreed. So we should be just as repulsed by the US death penalty as with Sharia law killings. Yet somehow, we don't seem to be as much. And yes, we're talking about paedophiles & murderers but it's still a crime, just differing degrees.

Android : Joe Biden Transition: "If I win, fuck state governors, I'm stepping in with the feds & we'll have lockdown everywhere & then you'll really know what it's like to live in a dictatorship!"

Android : Tristan James Virgil Darren Grimes And also, speech isn't free if you can't say something, despite it being completely legal but then you lose your job BC the zeitgeist says that the opinion you expressed makes you a bigot, e.g only 2 sexes, against illegal immigration.

Android : Tristan James Virgil Darren Grimes The point is that there shouldn't be "hate speech" laws. Anything can be turned into "hate speech" if someone just takes offence at it. Slander laws (lying about someone to defame them) fine. Inciting violence laws, fine. "Hate speech" is a completely bullshit term.

Android : James Lindsay, on the real right side of history A period in history when interracial couples are just as legal as same race couples & where for the vast majority of us there's no stigma at all? Just some ppl who can't explain the cognitive dissonance of loving their white partner whilst being ideologically opposed to whiteness

Android : Payda Sixpence Wooden animals, bracelets, necklaces etc. All stuff they'd made themselves but also the sort of thing you see all over the place, I'd been in a warehouse full of the stuff the day before. For politeness though, still stopped at every blanket to look, go hmm no thanks & move on.

Android : Payda Sixpence Oh yeah, the one I went to was a massive tourist trap. It was something like a hundred dollars to take the tour for a couple of hours, then upon leaving had to walk past a line of the entire village selling souvenirs. So awkward when I didn't buy any!