risking it all for nyan cat (@HarryL_YSL )

risking it all for nyan cat

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Twitter Web App : these posts are so annoying. its not as empowering as you think to be reminded people hate you on a generic feminism post & these are mainly passed back & forth by cis women for that exact reason.

Android : These "feminists" are pretending they are working on behalf of second wave feminism when in fact they are just the Phyllis Schlafly of the next generation, arguing that civil rights and equality will put women and girls in danger.

Twitter Web App : C I know it's such a weird vestigial organ it's like it's okay, you don't have to even acknowledge they exist if you don't want to lol they're annoying but so inconsequential and just bizarre. It's like I'm anti-flat earth but it's not in my bio.

Twitter Web App : happy womens day to all the single mamas, women of color, muslim women, transgender women, disabled women, & women going thru things no one could possibly understand, i love u so much u are the entire universe<3

Twitter Web App : This #InternationalWomensDay we demand:

Paid leave

Fair asylum processes

An end to mass incarceration

Abortion access

Workplace protections

A place in sports

Equal pay

Student debt cancellation


Twitter Web App : I don’t think “trans men aren’t seen” or the fact we are invisible is actually necessarily true,because of hundreds of years there have been stories about us, many of them being rather notable. It’s so much as refusal from society to see us. It’s conscious rather than unconscious

Twitter Web App : happy international womens day open.spotify.com/track/33bURv89…

Twitter Web App : The idea of a hetero man cam is so funny. Why do you need a ”secret” look into straight male life. They will proudly tell you everything you don’t want to know even if you don’t ask. We have the 40 year old virgin.