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Twitter Web App : By untidy they mean glorious. twitter.com/EDP24/status/1…

Twitter Web App : Mark ne-Francois-pas MP Nigel Farage 1. Peaceful kneeling protests are an afront to America.
2. Property damage is unacceptable (but I'll be silent about people damage inflicted by police)
3. Its all the fault of a violent minority so nothing has to change.

Every single time.

Twitter Web App : Cycle Mummy Likewise unless you've questioned the police shooting at CNN reporters, you don't get to talk with moral authority about freedom of speech when youtube bans your hate speech vidéo.

Android : Not sure this is the way to rebuild trust after one of your officers murders someone

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Twitter Web App : Protect our NHS means not doing anything recklessly stupid like tombstoning, especially as the result was forcing dozens of people to break distancing guidelines.
#carrots twitter.com/BBCNews/status…

Twitter Web App : dad husband friend engineer geek They've produced estimates for Chernobyl of thyroid cancer increases. The challenge is there is a long delay, so when people talk about 40,000 deaths from chernobyl, most of those people are still alive but will die 5 years earlier than otherwise.

Android : As a context for these comments, many people who have been raging against YouTube taking down conspiracy nuts are now silent about the police shooting at journalists in the states. A lot of hate speech backers are not interested in wider freedom of expression. twitter.com/PabloPerezA/st…