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Bio Sociolegal researcher until hit with autoimmune disorders. Now researching diagnostic process and campaigning to help protect UK equality and employment rights.
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Twitter Web App : China's new security law China for Hong Kong makes it illegal for anyone in the world to promote democratic reform there.

I want to go on record as promoting democratic reform in Hong Kong.

China: Arrest me.

Twitter Web App : Our survey into the experiences of people with long-term health conditions during #COVID19 #lockdown is still open. We want to hear from as many patients as possible.

Twitter Web App : This is a place of business.
Monkey business.

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Twitter Web App :…
Trump is the Arthur Daly of the pandemic. Buying and sellling drugs from his lockup behind the White House. #trump #TrumpIsATraitor #TrumpIsALaughingStock #trump2020

Twitter Web App : "With other illnesses I can map out the territory ahead and discuss the usual course of events I would expect to see in patients with similar conditions. With covid-19 our predictions are pure guesswork, and our patients know it." Dr Helen Salisbury

Twitter Web App : America First Policies Ivanka Trump) 's Twitter Profile">Ivanka Trump Only thing Trump will be helping to build are highways when he's working out of St Quentin Prison for ten years. @ivankaTrump maybe you can go visit him if not been indicted to yourself. #trump #Trump2020 #TrumpTreason

Twitter Web App : robert jeffery I agree with the sentiment but I suspect that there is no electoral space in UK political system for anothr left of centre party. It would just fizzle out.
Staying in Labour and trying to ensure it doesnt abandon its leftwing policies seems like best option for now.

Twitter Web App : I 100% support Israel's right to exist and defend itself but 100% oppose the Israeli state's appartheid policies.
Amazing thing is I worry that that sentiment could get me kicked out of the Labour Party!
I hoped that Starmer would unite Labour. What a fool I was.