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Bio Businessman . Future MMA 💫, Love Comics and ,wrestling ,Sports + Tattoos . Im for remain and pro choice , I’m anti ignorance , bad manners +over sensitivity.
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Twitter Web App : Colon and Skip have the worst basketball takes. Lol I lowkey think they’re trying to one up eachother on who can be a bigger flip flopper. And I meant to put Colon not Colin ..…

Twitter Web App : You lot chat some proper bollocks. How do Americans believe a word you say ? Weird weapon selling violence monsters.…

Twitter Web App : therapist: the david bowie cake from bake off isnt real. he cant hurt you

the david bowie cake from bake off:

Twitter Web App : All these tweets about Boris are stressing me out. Not the tweets .. but the fact I’m tired and I have to LIKE them All !

Twitter Web App : 🐅 He’ll make Zach and Lauri better I think. Make a few trades and have some luck in the Draft lottery and I see a possible play off Berth next season. Considering where we are since Jimmys trade .. I think it’s a positive move for the org. Time will tell tho bro.

Twitter Web App : Lol and yes they were the two premier teams when I was little. But To be fair Bulls haven’t won anything since 98 (Jordan) and lakers haven’t won a title since 2010. GSW on the other hand 🙃. But nah just enjoy basketball people.

Twitter Web App : I support multiple Basketball teams , have done since a young age .. I don’t live in America and there’s two different coasts so I reconcile it well :) #LakersNation #BullsNation . 😜 .

Twitter Web App : 🐅 Billy Donovan is a pretty proven Coach , he did some good things at OKC. I think he’ll be our best coach since Coach Thibs. #BullsNation

Twitter Web App : RIP to the queen Jackie Stallone - join us in remembering her tonight at 11pm with one of our favourite Big Brother eps #BBUK

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Twitter Web App : Ah man, RIP Jackie Stallone - responsible for one of the greatest ever moments on television. #rackie

Twitter Web App : Steve Douglas I have a few really old England shirts and concert shirts which are are about that old .. which I just rewash and wear for bed at times lol. If they mean something to you .. then keep them I say. If they don’t , bin em.

Twitter Web App : Aaron I’ve just found out from you. She was a legend on Celeb BB. Bridgette Nielsen “it’s Jackie” .. Jackie Stallone “yer it’s JACKIE” . RIP

Twitter Web App : The whole focus of this Boris Jonson speech is that the public have failed the government and not, as is actually the case, the other way around. This is a parent telling off their child for breaking something they know they broke themselves. Complete moral bankruptcy.