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AgoraPulse Manager : More than 40 states reported an increase in new confirmed COVID-19 cases this past week. Here are all the states where cases are spiking. #coronavirus

AgoraPulse Manager : There are an additional 1,500 companies now making hand sanitizer. Here are some of the guidelines they’re supposed to be following.

AgoraPulse Manager : "Most of the years I’ve lived on this planet have been spent assimilating into the very white spaces I’ve occupied. This has inevitably meant a gradual and calculated shrinking of my Blackness." Chante Owens writes about embracing her Blackness. #BLM

AgoraPulse Manager : Recipes for homemade hand sanitizers are available online, but experts say those DIY products may not be the best option during the coronavirus disease outbreak for these reasons.

Twitter for Advertisers : This summer, you may not be vacationing or hitting up water parks. As we face continued distancing guidelines due to the risk of #coronavirus, here are some creative ways to keep your family active this summer.

Twitter for Advertisers : Its always helpful to have a few grounding techniques in your back pocket to use when negative feelings arise. These methods can help bring you back to the present moment and keep you from spiralling into distress. For more, follow us on Instagram:

Twitter for Advertisers : A new flu strain, called the G4 virus, has been identified in pigs in China, and it may have the potential to become pandemic. But experts say there hasn't been any person-to-person transmission so far. #coronavirus

Twitter for Advertisers : Reports of people presenting cards that claim they are exempt from wearing face masks in public due to a medical condition has prompted the Department of Justice to issue a statement that the cards are fraudulent. #coronavirus

Twitter for Advertisers : "But I know that being vulnerable around people who see you as superwoman is a lot to ask. So here are a few tips that might help you navigate going to therapy, one small step at a time." Maisha Z. Johnson writes about being a strong Black woman and therapy.

Twitter for Advertisers : Nonprofit organization The Confess Project is working to change conversations about mental health in communities of color by utilizing barbers to connect with Black men.

Twitter for Advertisers : Officials at the CDC now say pregnant women are among those who are at higher risk of more serious COVID-19 cases. Here's what to know. #coronavirus

AgoraPulse Manager : Celebrating during a pandemic has its challenges, but with the right safety measures, it can be done right! Here are some tips to remember as you embark on your long weekend festivities. ☀️

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Twitter for Advertisers : The former potential Ebola treatment drug Remdesivir is now in the spotlight as the only current effective medication for COVID-19. But experts caution that it’s no “silver bullet” against the disease caused by the new #coronavirus.

Twitter for Advertisers : Experts say quarantines and travel bans can help delay and even perhaps reduce COVID-19 transmission, but they can’t prevent the spread of the disease. #coronavirus

Twitter for Advertisers : Psychiatric wards being potential hotbeds for #coronavirus is no surprise, thanks to close quarters and patients coming in and out without testing. Elly Belle 🔮🍊 explores what's going on in psychiatric wards since the pandemic started. #coronavirus

Twitter for Advertisers : After months of stay-at-home orders, family burnout is becoming an additional challenge in some households. There are steps households can take to alleviate togetherness fatigue and family burnout. #coronavirus

Twitter for Advertisers : Experts note that the novel coronavirus, the flu, and allergies have different symptoms. Here's how to tell them each apart. #coronavirus

Twitter for Advertisers : As the Black Lives Matter movement continues to bring awareness and justice against police brutality, disabled protesters are wondering how they can share their voices safely and accessibly. Here are tips and things to consider.