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Twitter Web App : Things must change.

Marcus Rashford #EndChildFoodPoverty #SilenceTheRumble

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Twitter Web App : Lauren Pope Those are genuine Heinz Beans, Lauren. Just made in a different factory as we were very much in demand during Lockdown! Please share the can codes from the base when you have a moment. ~Sara

Twitter Web App : VixieP We have decided to discontinue our Heinz Big Soup 500g can size since extensive research with Big Soup fans told us that our 400g pack size was a preferred choice. Rest assured, three of the more popular recipes in 500g cans will now be available in 400g.

Twitter Web App : Debbie Cole Oh no! Sorry to see this Debbie. Please can you send us a DM along with the codes from the base of the can. Thanks, Sara

Twitter Web App : Kathy82 There are usually a number of reasons why a product is discontinued but usually it is down to sales.

Twitter Web App : Robin Slick (Champions) We haven't changed anything, so if you have a can you are unhappy with, please DM us with the codes from the base of the can and we can look into it. Thanks.

Twitter Web App : Michelle Our Smokey Baconnaise sauce is perfectly fine for vegetarians.

Twitter Web App : The School Breakfast Bill will provide disadvantaged schools the support they require to provide a free school breakfast to children at risk of hunger. Magic Breakfast

But we need you. Ask your MP to support now - magicbreakfast.eaction.org.uk/sbb

#EndChildFoodPoverty #SilenceTheRumble

Twitter Web App : Adam Sharpe So sorry to see this, Adam. Please can you send us a DM so we can take some further details from you. Thanks, Sara

Twitter Web App : Big Al Sue Anderson Tesco That's correct. Tesco have stopped stocking multipacks so I was just checking to see if that was the issue. Leave this with me and I will report back with any updates.

Twitter Web App : I know what I want: Heinz Tomato Soup. @marinaoloughlin explains why nothing is more comforting than a tin of tomato soup from Heinz thetimes.co.uk/article/the-ro…

Twitter Web App : Paul Boanas The double seam on each can end provides the quality we demand for our cookers.Unlike some other cans, the bottom of ours allows a can opener to be used & while they're not designed to stack,they do have the lightest can ends on the planet,reducing our impact on the environment.

Twitter Web App : Anthony Spears Sorry to see this, Anthony. Could you please send us a DM with the codes from the base of the can so we can help further? Thanks, Sara

Twitter Web App : The Eco-Flâneur So sorry to see this. Please can you send us a DM so we can take some more details from you? Thanks, Sara

Twitter Web App : Jai Thank you for letting us know. Please can you send a DM so we can take some further details. Thanks, Sara

Twitter Web App : Eleanor Romaine Tesco Sorry Eleanor, but there are no current plans to reintroduce them right now. I will pass on your feedback though.