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Twitter for iPad : Recently spoke to a group of senior business leaders. All believed that not extending Brexit transition would be v bad for their businesses and the economy. But none was willing to speak out in public, for fear of punishment by No 10. Not a healthy way to run UK. Kathryn Mullnieux

Twitter for iPad : Opinium/Observer: The Conservative’s lead drops from 12 points to 4 points in a week, giving the government its lowest lead since August. 37% now approve of the job the PM is doing, down from 45% last week: Opinium

Con: 43%
Lab: 39%
LibDem: 6%
SNP: 5%
Green: 3%

Twitter Web App : Getting a few responses to this tweet so just to clarify:
I am talking about the situation in a part of Germany where we had 3 new cases per day this week. Not the UK. twitter.com/HeleneBismarck…

Twitter for iPad : I am genuinely stunned. I had not expect the gyms to open for months. But, apparently, an acceptable risk. Education, not so much.