HiRISE: Beautiful Mars (NASA) (@HiRISE )

HiRISE: Beautiful Mars (NASA)

Bio High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, NASA). We are based out of the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ.
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Hootsuite Inc. : HiPOD 27 Feb 21: A Plateau in Ares Vallis

This channelized area is near the source region of the huge outflow channel, Ares Vallis. It was at the distal end or “long-ways down-river-area” where the Pathfinder/Sojourner mission landed on 4 July 1997.


Hootsuite Inc. : HiRISE After Dark

#NowPlaying > Neil Diamond > Jonathan Livingston Seagull (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) > Lonely Looking Sky


Hootsuite Inc. : Hi3D: Circular Features North of Olympus Mons

The main goals of studying the circular features north of Olympus Mons are to understand the geological origin of their viscous flow materials.


Hootsuite Inc. : HiPOD 26 Feb 21: On the Lower West Side

This image shows a light-toned, layered rock exposure on a wall in lower western Candor Chasma. Our high resolution picture is vital for assessing large boulders and stratification.

#Mars #science

Hootsuite Inc. : Hi10K: A Terraced Fan in East Candor Chasma

This is an interesting area, located adjacent to the massive Valles Marineris canyon system. There is possible soft sediment deformation of lake-related sediment, which can help with geologic mapping.


Hootsuite Inc. : Hi3D: Surface Features in Hellas Planitia

The objective of this observation is to examine an odd surface with many lines. There are some layers visible in the image as well.

#Mars #science

Hootsuite Inc. : HiPOD 25 Feb 21: An Inverted Channel West of Idaeus Fossae

This image shows a multi-thread inverted fluvial channel, to the west of Idaeus Fossae, likely from the mid-Noachian epoch on Mars (about 3.9 billion years ago).


Hootsuite Inc. : MarsPoetica

“I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,
in secret, between the shadow and the soul.”

― Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets

Hootsuite Inc. : Hi8K: The Bisected Crater

This impact crater is cut by a fracture that is part of the Cerberus Fossae. The fracture also cuts young lavas. It is not clear whether the crater or the lavas are older. (Click link for full cutout.)

#Mars #science

Hootsuite Inc. : Hi3D: An Inverted Channel Feature

This higher-standing feature is likely due to the materials being more resistant to erosion than the surrounding terrain. This image is located in Arabia Terra.

#Mars #sciencce

Hootsuite Inc. : HiPOD 24 Feb 21: Layers in a Valles Marineris Wall

These layers on a canyon wall in Valles Marineris might be either volcanic or sedimentary in origin. Our camera can help to look for boulders and detail structures unresolved by the Mars Orbiter Camera.


Hootsuite Inc. : HiClip mini 4K: Offworld Outcrops

Accompanies our 4K image post. (This is a non-narrated clip.) Music: “Redhead from Mars” by Silent Partner.


Hootsuite Inc. : Hi4K: Meridiani Planum Outcrops

The outcrops of bedrock in this region of Mars never get tiresome to look at. This observation not only has a bounty of them, but is also good for imaging when the camera is pointing straight down (called “nadir”).


Hootsuite Inc. : Hi3D: Pas de deux

Both of these two seemingly identical impact craters in Utopia Planitia have fractured mounds at their center. Our 3D image can help us figure out how those mounds formed.

#Mars #science

Hootsuite Inc. : HiPOD 23 Feb 21: Close Ridges on a Crater Floor in Claritas Fossae

The objective of this observation is to determine the nature of a surface with a high density of short ridges on the floor of a large crater. They might be breccia dikes.

#Mars #science

Hootsuite Inc. : Perseverance on the Ground

Each inset is about 200 meters (650 feet) across: Perseverance, the parachute & back shell, the remains of descent stage (skycrane) and the heat shield.

See update in our descent picture caption: uahirise.org/releases/perse…