palestine is trash :3 (@HiyaItsMayaYT )

palestine is trash :3

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Android : he knew he was going to die and plainly said as much in the days leading up to this, but also knew his best friend was next to be selected if he refused and he couldnt let him die instead

Android : i just read more

apparently hed insisted before the flight that when he was inevitably killed during it, that his funeral be open casket so soviet leadership would have to see what theyd done

i first found this after seeing a photo of what was left of him after. now i know why.

Android : Noam Blum im not incapable of taking people in good faith and i 100% believe they can change but unless it comes out something has happened in this past week to lead him to genuinely lead him to change his mind i juat cant sorry

Android : Some random Twitter employee could destroy the world right now if he really wanted to

How stupid fragile is our system

Android : Yesterday's hack revealed the insane power random Twitter staff have over worldly affairs

The scope to which Twitter is a national security threat was apparent back in 2013 since the AP hack but this reaches a new level of fucked…