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iPhone : So it’s Day 3 and we still await the release of the police incident report. We need to know what the officers claim happened. And which ofcrs co-signed that account. As in the killing of Walter Scott & La Quan McDonald, the rpt is key. Where is it? #GeorgeFloyd

iPhone : Lincoln Project. Mitch McConnell. Brutal.


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iPhone : Grovers Bathtub Shawn Garza That’s just how narcissists work. They inhabit roles.

They pretend to be different things.

Trump doesn’t act like he’s at a rally when he’s in the White House. He doesn’t act like he’s in the White House when he’s at a rally.

Like two different roles.

iPhone : Force Trump to repost violating tweets under the POTUS account and a healthy amount of his bullshit would go away.

That’s just how narcissists work.

They’ll skirt every rule you allow them to. They’ll angrily relent when the only choice is heeding them or being embarrassed.

iPhone : Twitter could delete a couple tweets and add a notice:

“Personal communications are subject to Twitter’s common terms of service. The account holder has been notified the violating tweet must be tweeted from an official account for treatment under Public Official TOS.”