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Bio Retired public health doctor. Peaks of what I laughingly call my ‘career’: interviewed by Anna Ford on R4 Today (1997), quoted in the New Yorker (2020).
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iPhone : Lord John Kilclooney The EU were only required to approve anything because of the actions of the Tory Government, who couldn’t have done it without the DUP’s support.
Don’t try to spread the shit around.

iPhone : So much more dignified and unifying that the tawdry soap opera of the self-serving Windsor parasites (and a damn sight less expensive too). twitter.com/presidentirl/s…

iPhone : panthera 🇧🇪 Did David Bowie never take the advice of an electrician, plumber, or doctor? Or did he say “Nah. That’s not my experience.”
This nonsense encourages the “independent thinking” of antivaxers and flat earthers.
My experience is not to trust a pop star on anything non-pop-related.

iPhone : My experience is that taking advice from pop stars on issues other than pop music is a bit silly. twitter.com/panthera156/st…

iPhone : And because Boozy did such a brilliant job, he got to be PM.
Of course he’s got much better since then.
(I can’t find an emoji sarcastic enough.) twitter.com/judithrhion/st…

Twitter Web App : Adam Fraise Katy McConkey Hitchens uses adjectives of vague qualification for the evidence he requires: "robust/clear/convincing". He never defines these terms, but they mean "good enough to satisfy Hitchens's prejudices".
That's why mere anecdotes convince him that cannabis use causes violent crime.

Twitter Web App : Adam Fraise Katy McConkey A lecture I used to give started by noting that outside algebra/maths/geometry you can *never* get "proof".
Even in law proof isn't 100%, it's "balance of probabilities" or "beyond reasonable doubt" at best.
In public health the question is "How much evidence do I need to act?"

Twitter Web App : Moose Allain Ꙭ Sharanjit Paddam Interested yes!
(committed....not yet!)
I assume you sign and number (numerator and denominator) them.
If not....I think you should.
All your stuff is great: your "Magpies" appeals especially.

Twitter Web App : ianVisits My premise was that the taxpayer shouldn't have to pay for what they already pay for to accommodate the Windsor parasites at the exclusion of all others (unless the Windsors say so--dodgy women for Andrew, for example).
By all means charge. Just charge them too.