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Twitter Web App : #ComeOnTed - is this an Award for keeping taxes low for the #ExtremeRich while supporting tax increases on #workingclass folks in District 13? #nc13…

Twitter Web App : You are right. We live in two systems. The #ExtremeRich and everybody else who is suffering during this time of need. We need leadership, direction. You and your boss have none. The irony of your tweet is clear. Trump will deny our voice and will gas us all. #nc13…

Twitter Web App : This despot, sadistic coward who would not even serve our country in the military is relishing the bloodshed. The GOP ignored this and thus are complicit.

We cannot allow our brothers, sisters to spill our American blood for this man. We are better than this. /end

Twitter Web App : We are here. Whether we want to face facts or not. We are here. Trump's goons gassed peaceful protestors so he could walk out of his bunker for a photo-op in front of St. John's Episcopal Church and hold up the bible like he is a God fearing man. The Bible is not a prop. /1

Twitter Web App : Trump said at his Rose Garden speech he was an "ally to all peaceful protestors." At that same time, peaceful protestors were hit with tear-gas, rubber bullets and military personnel on peaceful protesters at Lafayette Park so he could cross the street for a photo op. #nc13

Android : Small Businesses are hurting during the #COVID19 pandemic. Over 107,000 Americans dead. #GeorgeFloyd murdered. Looters using legit protesters as shields. Trump church photo-ops.

Now this:
‘Please, I Don’t Have Insurance’: Businesses Plead With Protesters…

Twitter Web App : #ComeOnTed You know what should not be tolerated Poverty, Racism, in-justices in District 13. Right now, we need a leader, a calming voice to bring our communities together. Yet, your voting recording continues to divide us into have and have nots. #nc13 #GeorgeFloyd…

Twitter Web App : Trump a 5x Draft Dodger has declared war on Americans.

Never in my life time did I ever think I would hear the President of the United States threaten military action against it's people. #NC13

Twitter Web App : The shining light on the hill the world and nation have seen as a beacon of hope, was darken last night. Supposedly for security reasons. Those lights must remain on to reflect the security our nation is suppose to represent despite the failure of this President to lead.

Android : They were quick to claim underlying issues to downplay the #Covid19 death rate.

Yet ignore the underlying issues which has plagued our nation.

It's time to address the inequities Americans have faced for generations.