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Twitter Web App : By sharing Martin Luther King Jr. in color, it reminds folks that the civil rights era was not that long ago. The black and white photos gives white folks especially the sense that it was back in the stone age. It wasn't. Many of our relatives lived this era, they're still here. twitter.com/jackjohnsoniv7…

Twitter Web App : Fruit Prince you know, i think blenanas should definitely count. it feels like it's in that same region of making meta commentary about cartooning that the trope usually does

Twitter Web App : Yo-kaialone i also really like how they sort of seem to drift apart with each successive picture, going from running in the same direction to facing opposite directions. but then kirby coming along makes them face toward each other =) <3

Twitter Web App : blowing people's minds by telling them that the 1982 concept of a futuristic Lupin the Third show named Lupin the Eighth got hit with copyright issues and as such was retooled into Inspector Fucking Gadget

Twitter Web App : Yo-kaialone i love those younger meta knight designs!! i've never been sure on how he'd look but you got it really good. also i love that old galaxia design there heehee

Twitter Web App : Answer me this... Shouldn't the Mushroom Kingdom unfold? And be refolded into glory?