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Sprinklr Publishing : Vaccines save lives.

Vaccines save livelihoods.

Heres why were vaccinating sheep in Yemen.

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Sprinklr Publishing : A father loses his life driving home.
A child loses a leg running to school.
A mother loses an arm in tending to her field.

Mines steal too much from those that cross their path.

Sprinklr Publishing : If each πŸ’£ represents 20,000 cluster munitions, this is how many have been destroyed since 2010.


Sprinklr Publishing : How would you feel if you knew your loved one was taking this journey?

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Sprinklr Publishing : How much progress have we made getting rid of cluster munitions since 2010?

1.5 million have been destroyed.

400kmΒ² of surface has been cleared.

103 countries have confirmed stockpiles of 0.

Over half the States that used to produce cluster munitions have stopped.

Sprinklr Publishing : When is it ok to attack health-care workers?
❌ Never.

When is it ok for fighters to target unarmed civilians?
❌ Never.

When is it ok to torture someone?
❌ Never.

The rules of war are simple.
The rules of war preserve our humanity.

Sprinklr Publishing : 6 tips from our psychologists to help you live through a pandemic.

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Sprinklr Publishing : "Weapons with catastrophic humanitarian consequences cannot credibly be viewed as instruments of security" - Peter Maurer .

There are over 14,000 nuclear bombs, some 10x more powerful than those dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. bit.ly/3k0MFWe

Twitter Web App : Ahead of the 75th anniversary of #Hiroshima and #Nagasaki nuclear bomb attacks, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement urges all nations to end the nuclear era. "No nation is prepared to deal with a nuclear confrontation.” Francesco Rocca bit.ly/2XabC80

Sprinklr Publishing : A third of all countries in the world are parties to armed conflicts.

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Twitter Web App : Umer Zaman Law enforcement agencies may be called upon to restore public order but under international law can only use the minimum amount of force necessary in response to the specific threats faced.

Twitter Web App : Jackson Bowers You’ve described a situation in which the police may be called upon to restore public order. The use of force in this situation must be strictly limited to the specific threat, and not used as a collective punishment.

Twitter Web App : Arto KivelΓ€ Domestic laws typically restrict the use of violence. In asking this question we are focusing on the rules governing law enforcement's use of force when restoring public order.

Twitter Web App : ΰ€Έΰ€€ΰ₯ΰ€― The use of force by police is an exceptional measure, that can only be used to counter specific threats or offenses when non-violent means to restore order have been exhausted.

Twitter Web App : Al-Oromain When protests become violent the police may respond with lawful levels of force to restore order, but must exhaust non-violent means first.

Sprinklr Publishing : Theres a limit to how much force and what weapons police can use to keep the peace.

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Sprinklr Publishing : Whats the cost of a pandemic when you live in a war zone?

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Sprinklr Publishing : Crossing an inhospitable jungle.

Escaping poisonous creatures and criminal gangs.

How would you feel if you knew your loved one was taking this journey?

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Twitter Web App : ⚽ ICYMI: Find out how football is helping amputees in South Sudan, thanks to UEFA partner ICRC.