Bio Terrorism using CBRNE material threatens public health & safety, national security, economic & political stability. Preventing incidents is the highest priority
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iPhone : It was a pleasure to present INTERPOL CBRNE’s role within the chemical security arena and highlight an intelligence-led approach that we integrate throughout our various projects, including CRIMP, CHASM, CHASE & Watchmaker, as well as the #globalchemcongress.…

Twitter Web App : اكتملت بنجاح المرحلة الثانية من تقييم القدرات #الإشعاعية و #النووية في #العراق. وقد عملنا معا على بناء القدرات في مجالات الوقاية والكشف والاستجابة والتحقيقات، مما أدى إلى تبادل واسع للمعلومات وتعزيز الثقة بمسارنا المستقبلي

Twitter Web App : Proud to have completed Stage II of the #radiological & #nuclear capability assessment in #Iraq. Together we worked on building capacity in prevention, detection, response & investigations competencies, resulting in great exchange of information and a confident path forward.

iPhone : We were pleased to present 📝on lessons learned so far on the feasibility study in establishing a Central Analytical Platform on Procurement Trends for Chemicals and Explosives at the EU Standing Committee on Precursors 👩‍🔬- Meeting on Cooperation with Online Marketplaces. OSCE

iPhone : 📣.FAO EMC-AH led a virtual workshop to train vets, police officers & military personnel in North Africa on the Surveillance Evaluation Tool and its new Biothreat Detection Module under a joint project with OIE & INTERPOL ‼️

Thanks to Foreign Policy CAN @GPWMDOfficial

Twitter Web App : Big thank you to everyone who participated in our 5 day #webinar on combating the illicit use of #UAS. With the support of subject matter experts & colleagues from #SoutheastAsia, we were able to promote regional awareness, collaboration & capacity in countering the #dronethreat.

Twitter Web App : Mr. Daniel Golston INTERPOL - Securing ‘soft’ targets is a local discussion, and involving community leaders is essential but challenging if they are disillusioned or unaware of the threat. #CTC #ProtectingSoftTargets

Twitter Web App : We are excited to present at this event on #INTERPOL's tools, services & support to protect 'soft targets' against #terrorist attacks:

✅Information sharing
✅Border management
✅Incident prevention & response
✅CT support
✅Vulnerable targets support
✅Internal coordination…

Twitter Web App : 2021 has kicked off with a Project Watchmaker virtual meeting for #Pakistan. Despite COVID-19 #LawEnforcement agencies worldwide continue to fight against #terrorism by gathering & exchanging intelligence on #bombmakers & #IED trends.…

Twitter Web App : We are #recruiting for a Specialized Officer in the #Radiological & #Nuclear #TerrorismPrevention Unit. If you have experience handling projects on prevention, preparedness, response & investigative activities in this domain, this post may be for you:

Twitter Web App : In his remarks Executive Director Stephen Kavanagh spoke of law enforcements👮‍♀️role in protecting #vulnerabletargets from #terrorist attacks requiring:
✅Effective intelligence sharing & analysis
✅Capacity building & training
✅Investigative, operational & forensic capabilities

Twitter Web App : Executive Director of Police Services Stephen Kavanagh has finished his remarks on the role of #police in protecting #vulnerabletargets from #terrorism at the launch of the Global Programme on Countering Terrorist Threats Against Vulnerable Targets.📺Live on