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Bio Sweet Feet Sports Performance LLC #SFSP. Defensive Backs Specialist. Contact Oliverdavis4@yahoo.com for more info. Colossians 3:23 📍Atlanta, GA. IG: @I_AM_OD3
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iPhone : Facts, it just shows how average the world we live in is. A HOF’er messaged me and told me I was spot on. Man has a Gold jacket but you know how it go. You know we shooting for the stars. Best in the country! 1% twitter.com/tjheath34/stat…

iPhone : Jansen King Hi im Nick✌🏾🐍 T.j. Heath No need to go back and forth Jan. He don’t understand bro. He act like he talking to somebody who hasn’t played ball lol.. just let it go. He’ll be on the bandwagon in a few years like everybody else. He don’t know we got all the top dbs in college football right now 🤫

iPhone : People commenting shows me the difference of people that has a dog mentality from people that’s just out there not trying to get beat twitter.com/i_am_od3/statu…

iPhone : Hi im Nick✌🏾🐍 Not arguing. I just know you have to be elite to play in the nfl. I don’t think that less than 2k really registered with you though. But like you said it’s over with 2 cents. I’m gone ✊🏾

iPhone : Hi im Nick✌🏾🐍 Your speaking as if the dB isn’t good.. you do know that out of this whole universe less that 2K players are in the nfl right? Think about that... less than 2k ppl are chosen to play a game that millions of kids play and everyone is trying to make it to this 1 level 🧠

iPhone : Hi im Nick✌🏾🐍 You know, I respect your opinion bro. I don’t feel this is over coaching. Over coaching in my opinion would’ve been trying to say he should’ve made the play if let’s say Julio jumped over him or did something crazy. That would be over coaching b/c we know Julio is freakish

iPhone : Hi im Nick✌🏾🐍 I get you’re trying to be funny but I know for a fact I wouldn’t played the ball. Not guaranteeing a int but I would’ve played the ball. I wish y’all knew how bad I really want 42 to win. He’s a Undrafted FA.. plays like this can change him and his families life. Ask Mac Butler