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Twitter Web App : Today is day 3 of #MOMAM6 w/ Ape Escape at 6 PM EST!

But if you missed earlier days, Ive got you covered. Introducing MOMAM6 Recap Vids. A quick summary of what you missed!

Starting out with Day 1, MARIO PARTY 3! O Face included youtu.be/79CpRj54bas

Twitter Web App : tried the patented Iateyourpie ColdBurrito™ for lunch today.

not sure Im converted from warm burrito, but it is good for different reasons.

Twitter Web App : What a close race today! Day 2 owned. Hats of to Spike for pulling off the comeback!

Day 3 is going to be Bananas!!!! See you there!

Twitter Web App : What a day 1 of MOMAM6

We got the W in Mario Party 3.

We had an insane amount of viewers.

Hit amazing goals.

Thank you all for a great day 1. See you tomorrow!

Twitter Web App : Shout outs to Agatha, who apparently always carries a venasaur. Second time she's ended my run with that pokemon. Just unreal.

MOMAM6 Tho. See you tonight.

Twitter Web App : Bout to start Elite 4 on a GOOD RUN of Ultimate IronMON. This could be it - twitch.tv/iateyourpie

Twitter Web App : Iateyourpie spikevegeta nifty. My #MOMAM6 mug showed up before the start. Now I can drink out of the mug while reminding everyone to fill out their predictions.

Twitter Web App : Iateyourpie Phil Twas the night before MOMAM, and all through the place
Pie was praying to for luck in his month-long race
The controllers were clean and the bills were all paid
For there were PB's to get and games to be played

Twitter Web App : It's MOMAM EVE, which means I've got one more stream for ya all!

Plan is to do Ultimate IronMON w/ THE Phil tonight, for some dollery doos. Will be live in the next couple of hours! See ya then!