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Android : "Hey K it's me, the guy you went on two dates w a year ago and told you that I loved you and also that I own a nazi officers gun
Anywhooo how ya been? Haha u seeing anybody right now?"

Time to get a new phone number!

Android : Tried to save a squirrel that got hit by a car but then another car hit it before I could get to him and it popped like a fucked up corpse balloon and if I had been a few inches closer maybe I woulda been sprayed w squirrel blood how's yr day going?

Android : Lookin like the unemployment site is going down for maintenance tomorrow which hopefully means they're updating it so I can get fuckin paid. It's been four weeks! Please give me money!

Android : Boredom got to me and I downloaded tinder again and just in case you were thinking of doing the same thing: it's still all boring quicken guys and poly couples