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Android : #BestTeeth in Nature?

As if chainsaw teeth werent enough, #CrabeaterSeals also have a bony spur on their jawbone that seals the last route of escape for prey trapped in this crazy #Krill cage!

Follow this Sketchfab link to explore these teeth in 3D:

Android : Todays Macca moment is a gentle reminder that it aint over til its over.

Sometimes youre the squid and sometimes youre the skua. Push on!

Android : Just this last week Ive heard of another 3 Scottish estates totalling 45,000 acres, changing direction towards nature recovery. #ThinkLikeAMountain

Android : Some fantastic work going on at Alladale Wilderness Reserve in Sutherland. Trees going in the ground, peatlands being restored, jobs being created. Check out this interview with owner and custodian, Paul Lister. #rewilding…

Twitter Web App : Tomorrow, Tuesday 30th June at ~20.00 GMT, in episode 18 of my Twitter plankton series #DavidAttenborough talks about sea butterflies. Did you even know there were such creatures?, theres one in this picture. First, catch up with episodes 1-16 in my Pinned Thread ZEISS Microscopy

Twitter Web App : An absolutely humbling afternoon today watching this magnificent Minke Whale feeding in a sheltered bay on the edges of Lerwick.

Other British towns have urban foxes - here in #Shetland we have urban whales.

Twitter Web App : Beautiful image is well worth a buy with 25% of profit going to the Scottish Seabird Centre.…