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Twitter Web App : I made a small survey for bi people on here. It will only take a few minutes to fill it out, so please do so if you have the time!!! Thank you…

Android : 💜💙

SNUGGLEGENDER ! this gender is super soft and comfy, just like snuggles! some pronouns you can use are cuddle/cuddles or snuggle/snuggles ! but any pronouns can be used!

( gender coined by me , flag designed by me! )


Android : hey uhh this is very embarrassing but can u guys pls rt this? my family and i are struggling horribly because of the pandemic and are about to lose our house. anything is appreciated $jaylalaurette

Twitter Web App : immediately assuming mlw ships are heterosexual plays into heteronormativity btw, yall be like “stop with heteronormativity” and yet immediately assume a man and women are straight if they’re together

Twitter Web App : so I lost my phone tonight & saw a cop so I pulled over & asked for directions to the highway phone to give me directions there & he told me, "that's not my fucking problem," so in case anyone was wondering what the fuck cops are good for, it's not helping people <3

Twitter Web App : Today’s arospec identity is bellusromantic, an arospec identity which describes someone who desires romantic actions but not a romantic relationship. This identity is similar to cupioromantic!