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Twitter Web App : Just found a gorgeous stone cottage for rent in the middle of a huge historic graveyard surrounded by old headstones. It's the old keeper's home.


"Hello Siri how to let ghosts know you dont want to start shit you come in peace?"

Twitter Web App : silvi 🐯🍊 I just have no idea where I would stick them πŸ˜” I live in a rental so just about every surface is off limits. I have my laptop but I use that at uni and I can already hear my prof ask "what is that cat with the guitar?" Hehe

Twitter Web App : His name really was Geralt, he was the prince and soon the be king, his step father hated him, he was almost assassinated but survived. be continued?

Twitter Web App : It was at the height of their passions when Geralt's mind went completely blank as he reached a peak he didnt know existed - and he remembered.

Twitter Web App : In the heat of their clumsy but almost desperate passion, Geralt lifted himself over Eskel's lap and sunk down on his heavy, hard cock. They were both breathless as their bodies moved in perfect unison and Geralt rode him.

Twitter Web App : Before he could regret it, his kiss was returned wit fervour. Geralt whispered against his lips 'thank the gods I thought it was just me' before melting into him.

There were no more words as hands and lips said everything that needed saying - I want you, I need you, I love you.

Twitter Web App : A friend who became much more.

He's not sure when it happened, when craving his friendship became craving his touch. One night after a drink of white gull (a potent drink the two developed together) he mustered the courage to lean in and kiss those lips haunted his dreams.

Twitter Web App : For a year they worked, ate and lived together in the small hut. Geralt was smart and learned about plants and their properties fast, and he was a very capable hunter too. Eskel had grown up an outcast, feared for his horrid scars, but in Geralt he had finally found a friend.

Twitter Web App : So it went that the handsome stranger who had fallen from the sky became Eskel's assistant. He stranger said he had a dream where a woman with red hair called him Geralt - so that's the name they used.

Twitter Web App : For 2 days Eskel didnt sleep as he tended to the man to keep him alive. He wondered who the man could be. He had the scars of a fighter, but the clothes and features of wealth. After 2 more days the man finally awoke.

But he had no idea who he was or what had happened.

Twitter Web App : The hunter returned with the news that the prince was dead.

Meanwhile, deep in the forest, a herbalist called Eskel heard a loud crash and rushed out to find a man in expensive gear in a pool of blood at the bottom of the cliff. He rushed to get the man to his hut.