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iPhone : And to answer the how am I question, I’ve been doing well. It’s been nice not reading the news or delving into the negativity of twitter. It’s been nice seeing my family and talking with them. Overall my time away has been nice 🙂. I hope you all are doing well and staying safe!

iPhone : As we approach 100,000 Americans who are dead, I just want to say our government is doing a particularly shit job of utilizing their time and efforts to save those they govern.

iPhone : Jeff Hudson Hey! Hope you are doing well. Long story short I lost my job due to the corona situation & Times have been hard since(dm for details)I am a single father trying to make it work any way possible. If able to help, anything is helpful! God bless & thank you..🙏🏻

Venmo: jp396

iPhone : Jeff Hudson If anyone is looking for someone to help out ♏ Dani ♏️ is a single mother of 3 who is trying to make it through this pandemic. She does have a Venmo it’s deyell88 if anyone could help her out it would be amazing! #RENTRELIEF

Twitter Web App : Megan Best of luck to you and your family, and thank you to your mom for being a nurse during these times!

Twitter Web App : Jeff Hudson My mom is a nurse who has been off work for a month while taking care of my gma. I have a lil one and no check or work, and would love to be able to help her and take care of my lil one too. Venmo is HarleyGirl93 anything helps us


If you’re able to help support anyone who is financially struggling during this awful time, please choose someone who shares a brief story about what they’re going through. Please leave your Venmo/CashApp/PayPal information below. And share! ♥️

iPhone : Gay porn actors are so ridiculous:

Guy 1: “Doc, my shoulders have been hurting”
Guy 2: “Well, in order for me to check your shoulders, you’re gonna need to remove your pants.”