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iPhone : Underscoring the appropriateness of the name of the Peace Accords signed this week, a Rabbi reminded me that Abraham was the 1st figure in the Torah to make a peace treaty in Israel with a neighbor. Each year, Jews read this story in the Torah on Rosh Hashana.
שנה טובה ומתוקה

iPhone : 🚨🚨🚨 The poverty rate in 2019 dropped to a record low - the largest reduction in poverty in over half a century - as 4 M people left poverty behind.

@realdonaldtrump built the strongest economy in history once and will do it again! #GreatAmericanComeback

iPhone : Today, Ivanka Trump visited Tampa. She met with local leaders, made Cuban bread, and even ordered delicious pastelitos to go!


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iPhone : In fact, in 2019 alone, real median income for Black Americans rose by $3,328 – more than DOUBLE the gains in EIGHT years of the prior Administration!

iPhone : I grew up in a neighborhood where there were a lot of young boys just like me who were smart and had talent, but they were forced to go to failing schools. So many of them could be in my position if they had only been given the right opportunity through education. twitter.com/JanJekielek/st…

iPhone : "From the president on through the highest levels of the administration, we always felt we were a priority to the administration," George Helmy, chief of staff to the New Jersey governor, told Newsweek. "There was never a moment in which I felt that New Jersey was not a priority”

iPhone : The media mocked and ridiculed Jared Kushner, but in the end, he proved them all wrong and rewarded the world with Arab-Israeli peace. Well deserved praise from Rich Lowry

iPhone : Campaigning for President Trump in Tampa!

☀️Toured LaSegunda, Cuban bakery family-owned since 1915

☀️Met Floridians whose small businesses were saved by the PPP program at Columbia Restaurant, 1 of US’s oldest Spanish restaurants

☀️Surprised Trump supporter Sharon Crosby at her home

iPhone : +2 million new workers in 2019—fueled by women—incomes grew at the highest pace ever recorded.

Poverty fell to an all-time low! The 1 yr poverty rate decrease was the greatest in +50 years. Minority groups experienced the largest improvements. #Census wsj.com/articles/u-s-i…

iPhone : ¡Muchisimas gracias Tatiana y Teresa por sus palabras de apoyo a esta administracíon!

Ivanka Trump disfrutó enormemente la visita y disfrutó haberlas conocido.

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