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iPhone : Heres a 5 min video on the Venetian black nobility(deep state). Ill link a real good article below on the cabal with some history. Part 1(pt 2👇)

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iPhone : I can't keep track anymore

So Trump was right... again?

How long until this gets reversed twitter.com/CNN/status/127…

iPhone : Just to Clarify.

History is a complete and utter lie. We have been duped big time!

From cradle to grave we are fed falsehoods about the nature of who we are and the world we live in!!!

iPhone : The Powers that Be want a Race War. China was just caught smuggling 10,800 assault weapon parts to BLM & ANTIFA. The press didn't even bother reporting on this. twitter.com/stillgray/stat…

iPhone : Thank you Senator Rand Paul for this incredible information.

The facts & data are excellent.

Many people forget that Rand Paul is a doctor.

His voice should be amplified, as he has the right idea.

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iPhone : I don’t want to defund the police. I don’t want to tear down statues. What about my freedom of speech? I want to be united as Americans. Congress and Senators... Can you hear me?

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iPhone : Livestream from protester by the name of Diaz Love who appears to be one of the ones hit.

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iPhone : In 2016, CNNs Jeff Zeleny called Mount Rushmore a monument to four great American Presidents

Bernie Sanders said this is our country at its very best, called it an incredible achievement, and said it really does make one very proud to be an American.

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iPhone : The media’s obsession with harming the President literally resulted in thousands of unnecessary deaths.

Not to mention state governors who banned this drug simply out of disdain for the President.

I don’t think we have ever seen such an egregious misuse of power in our lives.

iPhone : I want to ensure that everyone understands the gravity of the situation here.

Hydroxychloroquine worked this whole time.

The media said it would literally kill you if you took it simply because POTUS promoted it as a cure.

Thousands of people likely DIED because of this.