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Android : To win the elections, Dems are determined to keep us locked-down at home and punish the economy. They would help the American people only if their failed blue states and big cities get a $Trillion. Donald J. Trumps Executive orders just pulled the rug out from under their feet

Android : Eric Trump We love your Father Eric! I am disabled but love Trump campaigning! I made this theme song jubilation video for us Fire on High! ELO! We will be dancing to this November 3, 2020!! We fight back against this New World DisOrder!! Trump #BTNA - Back to Normal Again

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Android : Donald J. Trump FOX & friends Maria Bartiromo Theme song for our jubilation at the 2020 Election! Fire on High Electric Light Orchestra Mr. President! Melania Trump The White House

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Twitter Web App : BREAKING: Alabama just passed a law to castrate child sex offenders & I hope every state follows in their steps. What do you patriots think about this?

Twitter Web App : MaQi5er Steviesmith Another #Pizzagate hotel going down, oh wait lets wait for the official Announcement, Spain Gas leak catches fire?

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Android : Look what I got....... Im so excited

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Twitter Web App : BOMBSHELL: Seth Rich Investigated by FBI & DOJ Lawsuit Shows in Court Filings thedcpatriot.com/bombshell-seth…