JTillx #stay home #stay healthy # (@JTillx )

JTillx #stay home #stay healthy #

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Twitter Web App : Sorry for the translation....I wrote the original text in French and had it translated by google...got lazy and very very busy because of the damn virus😊

Twitter Web App : I believe that by using a bandana, the whole thing would be quite cool and even children would be ready to wear this type of protection. Warning! the INRS concedes that they have a certain usefulness but tells us black and white that they are not a miracle solution.

Twitter Web App : 2) punch a hole 3 cm from the edge on the transparent sheet (Photos n Β° 3 & 4) 3) fix the sheet on the cap on each side. The whole thing took me less than an hour. The sheets can be cleaned or renewed, on the market a lot of 100 transparent sheets cost + - 10 €.

Twitter Web App : if you find my information useful, pass it on, otherwise keep it for yourself.πŸ˜‰ Instructions: 1) sew 3 buttons on each side (photo N Β° 2). a button to attach the visor, a button to fix the screen when it is closed and a button to fix the screen when it is open

Twitter Web App : A cheap and chic face shield (?! ☺️). All you need is a cap, a bandana or a sweatband, 6 buttons, sewing thread, a punching machine and a transparent A4 sheet (thicker, better). Since most of us have this at home, the cost is zero or less than € 1.

Twitter Web App : Protective visors are more effective than masks since they protect the wearer from possible droplets emitted immediately after a cough by a person nearby. Since they are either expensive, unavailable and should be reserved for caregivers, I came up with the following idea.

Twitter Web App : Cheer up ! Haircuts were not better in the seventies although there was no confinement and men didnt have to cut their own hair πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„