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Twitter Web App : jordan Why is it that the main two choices are two white men who should be in a nursing home?

Twitter Web App : Kage_Okami I just never liked how gorey it is, which is pretty much it's defining characteristic. I love how silly the Friendship contrasts

Twitter Web App : So, this Mortal Kombat 11 trailer...I'm not into MK and even I am like, "Hmmm, maybe!" youtu.be/UEcQkax054o

Twitter Web App : This US doctor has had enough of the ‘tributes’. He makes his point powerfully and impressively.

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Twitter Web App : Andrew (Beta64) Years ago, my DS Lite fell off my lap and onto the carpet (about the same distance), and there was a dent on the bottom screen. From a carpet.

Last night, the strap of my joycon broke. Didn't even drop it, just saw the adjustor button by itself on my lap.

Twitter Web App : Scott Dworkin Trump has no plan.

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Twitter Web App : DansGaming One of the first things I'm doing when quarantine is done is adopt. Congratulations!