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Bio Congressman-elect for #NY16. Former middle school principal. Causing problems for the status quo. Fighting for jobs and education, not bombs and incarceration.
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iPhone : Cities pay hundreds of millions to settle police brutality cases. NYC spent $230 million to settle misconduct cases in 2018.

Taxpayers shouldn’t foot the bill for police violence. Police and their pensions should.

nydailynews.com/new-york/ny-st… nydailynews.com/new-york/ny-st…

TweetDeck : Politicians and corporations sent good-paying union jobs in the Black community overseas.

Then they blamed us for crime.

So they sent us cops when we needed jobs.

It was all built on a lie.

They made the US the number one jailer in the world.

No more lies.

Stay focused. twitter.com/CNNnewsroom/st…

TweetDeck : When someone refers to Rahm Emanuel as a progressive.

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TweetDeck : Only 5% of policing is focused on violent crime. The other 95% can be handled by other agencies. In some cities, 40% of the entire budget goes toward policing.

We have to do something different and not allow Republicans to flip a talking point on its head.

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TweetDeck : We need racial, gender, and ideological diversity in the next White House.

We need to make sure that President-elect Biden is picking as many progressives as possible.

But covering up murders of Black men, closing public schools, and cutting Social Security is not progressive.

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TweetDeck : "For Black people, the average lifespan will be shortened by just over two years, while Latinos will see their life expectancy from birth reduced by more than three years."


Twitter Web App : Got together with Benjamin Dixon today to get into what Im planning on once I get to Congress.

Reparations is at the TOP of the list.

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iPhone : Another world is possible - if we work for it.

Together, we can meet the moment with responsive policy and deliver the People’s Justice Guarantee.

TweetDeck : Damn, Mr. President.

Didn’t you say “Trayvon could’ve been my son?”

In 2014, #BlackLivesMatter was too much.

In 2016, Kaepernick was too much.

Today, discussing police budgets is too much.

The problem is America's comfort with Black death -- not discomfort with slogans. twitter.com/thehill/status…

Twitter Web App : There's been a whole lot of talk about which phrases help or hurt electoral campaigns.

I've seen VERY little talk about which strategies actually solve the crisis at the center.

We're here to solve things right? Talking about talking isn't doing that.

Twitter Web App : My Goodness.

A society that tells people you're on your own during a pandemic, is a society that leaves children begging Santa for their basic needs.

The people of this country NEED a relief check now.

It can't be on Santa to provide coats and gloves for our children! twitter.com/hilaryagro/sta…