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Bio Husband, father, Arsenal & Hibs supporter. Former Strategic Advisor to @JeremyCorbyn & former Director of Comms to the Shadow Chancellor & Shadow Treasury Team.
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Twitter Web App : It is madness that the Arsenal vs Leicester City game is not being shown, it's clearly the biggest game of the day... charging 14 quid on top is just taking the mick out of fans. #ARSLEI

Android : When people moan about VAR remember the odd bad call may happen still but a game like this is almost impossible to be repeated today...

Also worth remembering how Fergie and Man U couldnt live with us and were Stoke before Pullis made it famous. twitter.com/ThrowbackAFC/s…

Android : We clapped for our care workers, delivery drivers, shop workers and cleaners. Now is the time to reward them. Increase the minimum wage to a real living wage!

Please sign and share...


Android : Or where she basically just explains what the Tory view of poor people is... a burden on the taxpayer...πŸ™„

If only they could all just been born with the ability to be professional footballers!

Android : My favourite bit though is the less than subtle plug for the work of a family friend appointed by her husband and which of course contains the solution...🧐

Android : β€œCivility” in politics is often used by the powerful to deflect attention from injustice by policing minor infractions.

Textbook case: Tory MPs vote to deny meals to 1.4 million working class kids, but *they* claim victimhood because an MP called them a name. It’s absurd.

Android : Of course in a debate on how to prevent children starving over Christmas it's the Tory MPs who are the real victims...πŸ™„πŸŽ» twitter.com/DavidTCDavies/…

Twitter Web App : Very clear the Tory party have decided they want to lose Mansfield, and hurt their polling even more by letting Ben Bradley continue to tour TV studios, just incredible.

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Twitter Web App : Obvs any harassment is bad and should be condemned. But turning that on to Labour MPs for just mentioning Tory MP's own voting record is a shoddy diversionary tactic to take advantage of a situation when theyre just morally wrong... the victims here are the kids not well-off MPs! twitter.com/JohnnyMercerUK…

Twitter Web App : I suspect voting against feeding poor children during a national crisis may have done more...πŸ€”

And I further suspect doing divisive letters like this to the leader of the Opposition rather than to their own PM on helping poor children not starve will likely bring them more...πŸ™„ twitter.com/johnestevens/s…